Podcast 23: 📰Alphabet unrest with Ron Amadeo

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Turmoil, staff exodus and mud-slinging at Nest. Promising robotics unit Boston Dynamics reportedly up for sale, while the rest of the initiative is seemingly on notice. Reports of unrest at Verily Life Sciences. The other bets of Alphabet seem to be making quite a bit of news of late, and not in a good way.

Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo joins me to discuss all of this news, our feelings on what this might mean for future Alphabet bets, as well as rumors of Google's competitor to the Amazon Echo.

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Podcast 22: 📰Android N with Ty Smith

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Well that came out of nowhere! Google surprised us all by announcing Android N. In this episode, Ty Smith and I dig into all the newly announced features, discuss our impressions of our time using the N Preview, chat about what features didn't make this release that we were hoping to see and more.

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Podcast 21: 📚Nexus 5X & 6P, three months on with Brian Griffey

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Most device reviews happen at launch time, but often our impressions change as we spend significant time actually using the device.

In this episode, fellow Android developer Brian Griffey and I discuss our wildly differing experience of actually using the Nexus 5X and 6P as a daily driver for the last three plus months.

Follow Brian on Twitter: @briangriffey.

Podcast 20: 📚… of the year, 2015 with Jesse Wilson

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Warning: this episode contains mild coarse language.

Jesse Wilson and I break down all of 2015's news and developments by doling out awards to the tech space's newsworthy people, products and companies.

But some of the awards include:

  • Haters gonna hate hate hate of the year…
  • Lipstick on a pig of the year…
  • Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to what you just said, and may God have mercy on your soul of the year…

Also, the post-show sees an Internet first, with two douchebags discussing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Follow Jesse on Twitter: @jessewilson.


Podcast 18: 📚Worrying Apple trends (part 2) with Rene Ritchie

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Renowned Apple analyst and iMore.com Editor in Chief Rene Ritchie joins me in part 2 of my discussion about, as I see them, "worrying Apple trends".

Rene brings his astute Apple insight to many of the previous episode's talking points including whether the base line of Apple's products is becoming a bit less appealing than they previously have been, a Magic Mouse that can't be used whilst being charged and much more.


Podcast 17: Worrying Apple trends with Russell Ivanovic

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Guest Russell Ivanovic joins me to discuss a variety of Apple's not-so-great recent trends. We dig into a great many of the warts increasingly appearing around Apple's ecosystem, including the experience when first running a device, the less than universally acclaimed new Apple TV remote, the stagnant App Store and app review process, general product stability and more.

We also chat about Apple's ever expanding and confusing product lines, Jony Ive's accountability, as well as discussing Apple's trend to make their cheapest product versions less appealing than was previously the case.

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Podcast 16: 📰Nexus 6P/5X, new Chromecasts and more!

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Guest Phil Nickinson and I chat about all of the announcements from Google's September '15 event. We break down all the new hardware announcements, Google's decision to target the 6P and 5X at different segments on the market and Google's confidence with the camera. We also discuss Nexus Protect, the new Chromecasts, what we didn't see that we were expecting to and more.

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Action Launcher 3 (September '15 update) is live

Action Launcher 3's September '15 update is OUT NOW Headlining the update is Quickfind, which lets you find and load any app from the All Apps list in less than a second. Of course the updated Google logo is available for the Quickbar in colorful and non-colorful variants, Today Calendar icon support, transition effects and a bunch more. Also, I'm pleased to finally bring translations for more than 18 languages to the app.

Full changelog:

  • NEW: Introducing Quickfind! Filter and load apps at lightning speed! * NEW: Instantly engage Quickfind by swiping/double tapping the All Apps icon (swipe is faster than long-press!).
  • NEW: Use either your standard or T9 (predictive text) keyboard with Quickfind.
  • NEW: When using Quickfind, tapping the keyboard's "Go" key will load the first search result, allowing you to load apps quickly without reaching away from the keyboard (handy for large phones).
  • NEW: Apps that have been manually hidden can be quickly retrieved via Quickfind.
  • NEW: Add Quickfind to the widget picker, allowing you to filter widgets by name.
  • NEW: Quickfind can be used as a shortcut action.
  • NEW: Allow a single row of the most frequently loaded apps to display at the top of the All Apps page.
  • NEW: Use the new Google logo on the Quickbar. Pick between single colored and multi-colored variants of the new logo, as well as the the old Google logo.
  • NEW: Add Quickbar preset for colored variants of Google search logo and voice search icon.
  • NEW: Support dynamic calendar API, enabling apps such as Today Calendar to specify a unique icon for each day of the month.
  • NEW: Icon packs use dynamic calendar icons (if available in the icon pack).
  • NEW: Pick from 12 transition effects when moving between Home screens.
  • NEW: Initial translation support for more than a dozen languages available.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use any applicable icon pack shaders.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quickbar uses new Google logo by default.
  • IMPROVEMENT: All Apps defaults to using a vertical grid with Quickfind.
  • FIX: Ensure app behaves correctly when using Android's Battery Saver mode.
  • FIX: A host of stability/misc. bug fixes.

As usual, grab Action Launcher 3 from the Play Store.

15: 📚The state of traditional Android device manufacturers with Charles Arthur

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Influential journalist Charles Arthur joins me for a discussion on the lay of the land for Android's traditional OEMs. Inspired by Charles' Premium Android hits the wall post, we dig into the revenues and shipments of these Android devices, dig into why these devices are collectively seeing a declining market share, as well as Apple's position in the market and the potential future implications for premium Android devices.

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