26: 📰 Google I/O 2016 keynote - another take with Karl Smith

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Many felt I was too negative in the previous episode, where Koush and I broke down Google I/O 2016's keynote. Previous guest of the show Karl Smith was one such person, so he and I decided to dig into some of the areas we disagreed with most in this impromptu follow up episode, and I also offer some further thoughts on what we saw given a few more days to process it.

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Ep. 1: Google I/O ‘15 with Karl Smith

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Blerg!

Karl Smith joins me, and we dive deep into all the Google I/O '15 announcements. Android M of course gets a heavy doze dose of discussion, as does Google Photos and Now on tap. I also talk a bit about what it's like to attend I/O in person, and touch on what we didn't see that I was hoping to.

Follow Karl on Twitter: @punyweakling