Action Launcher 3 commit breakdown

Every commit I've ever made to the Action Launcher 3 git repository has had at least one hashtag associated with it. This is a breakdown of all the commits so far, as of version 3.5.0.

Some notes:

  • Obviously not all commits are created equal in reality, but for the purposes of this graph they are. A single line fix is reflected the same as an initial feature commit that changes hundreds of lines of code and tens of files.
  • Multiple hashtags can and often are used in a single commit.
  • In hindsight I should have used multiple hashtags for settings. Currently my custom settings library, Action 3's many and varied settings Activity classes and the SettingsProvider class that the app code calls to see whether a setting is enabled are all bundled under #settings.
  • So yeah, Quickbar was a huge feature. There have almost been as many Quickbar commits as there have commits related to the main launcher Activity/behavior itself.
  • There was a threshold to make it onto this graph, so not every hashtag I've used is represented.

Reminder: if you're interested in hearing me detail the development of the Action Launcher 3.5 update, be sure to check out this episode of my podcast.