Three generations of past and present Xbox bosses share stories and secrets

IGN's Ryan McCaffrey hosts an absolutely enthralling discussion with Seamus Blackley, Peter Moore and Phil Spencer.

Within the opening minutes, Moore (now with EA) sets to tone for an informative and frank behind the scenes discussion:

"To be very clear. [Xbox] was as much about blocking Sony to the television as it was creating a brand. That was the original intent. There was paranoia in Redmond, Washington that Sony would somehow own the living room."

Throughout the rest of the chat, any number of hot topics are discussed include the reason behind the initial Xbox's obscenely large controller, the brand's struggles in Japan, Steve Ballmer's reaction to the red ring of death recall, the animosity of other Microsoft employees towards the Xbox group and more.

The only talking point I feel was really missing was a discussion on Rare, but I'm probably being greedy there.

Highly recommended.

Note: also available as a podcast.