Flurry: app usage continues to rise at rather staggering rates


Simon Khalaf:

From Q2 2014 to Q2 2015, the total population of smart devices measured by Flurry grew from 1.3B to 1.8B, a 38% year over year growth. Regular Users, consumers who use apps between once and 16 times daily, grew from 784 million to 985 million in the same period, a 25% increase. Super Users, consumers who use apps between 16 and 60 times daily, grew even more in that same period from 440 million to 590 million, a 34% increase.

When we looked at Mobile Addicts, consumers who launch applications 60 times or more per day, we saw this group is growing at the fastest rate, from 176 million in Q2 2014 to a whopping 280 million in Q2 2015, a 59% increase.

There's obviously little question that we as a society are increasingly consumed by our mobile devies. 500 million devices coming online within a single year is pretty staggering (though I'd expect a great many of those would be additional screens for people who already made up the previous 1.3 billion total).

Sidenote: none of my apps have ever used Flurry, but the odds are pretty high one of the apps on your devices do.