The first beta of Action Launcher v26 is out, featuring Android O style notification dots, widget picker and more

Android O's final release is fast approaching, and Action Launcher is bringing many of O's launcher related features to current versions of Android with today's release of Action Launcher v26.0-beta1.

The highlight of the release is full notification dot support, as well as Android O style App Shortcuts UI.


Android O's revamped App Shortcuts UI is arguably a step back visually from the distinct bubbles introduced in Android 7.1, but it has key advantages, particularly as it allows for both App Shortcuts and additional controls display for an icon.

Action Launcher takes full advantage of this new UI, allowing for easy access to the Quickedit feature, to make replacing an app's icon, rename it, etc. even easier.


Action Launcher v26.0 also sees the introduction of an Android O style widget picker, accessed via the new App Shortcuts UI:


The full change log of Action Launcher 26.0-beta1:

• NEW: Full notification dots support! Notification dots display on icons, and long-pressing an shortcut will display a preview of app's notifications and allow notification to be dismissed ala Android O. Requires Lollipop or later.
• NEW: Android O style App Shortcuts panel. Requires Lollipop or later.
• NEW: Android O style widget picker, which displays all relevant widgets for a given shortcut.
• NEW: Directly engage Action Launcher's Quickedit panel via a shortcut's long-press popup UI. Requires Lollipop or later.
• NEW: Dedicated "Icons & App Shortcuts" settings page, which is home to all icon related settings.
• NEW: Option to adjust the scale of icon indicators.
• NEW: Revamped interface for selecting the apps that are hidden from app drawers.

Note: Additional features are planned to arrive as the v26.0 update progresses through beta. Action Launcher v26.0 will be released publicly just as soon as it's ready.

Grab Action Launcher from the Play Store here:

Join the public Action Launcher beta here: