Action Launcher + Google Now

Google Now integration is available for all Action Launcher users running Lollipop or later.


To use it, the Action Launcher Google Plugin app must be installed. Due to technical reasons imposed by Google, this app is not available via the Play Store. Instead, it must be manually downloaded and installed.

Obviously requiring an additional app to be installed outside the Play Store is not ideal, but until Google provide an official API for 3rd party launcher developers to include Now integration in their apps, this is the best option available.

But on the positive side, once this app is installed, Now integration works seemlessly, so its arguably a small price to pay.

A few notes of warning about Action Launcher's Google Now integration:

  1. Digital Ashes is offers no guarantee as to the ongoing stability or availability of Google Now integration in Action Launcher. This functionality may be removed at any time for reasons including but not limited to Google objecting to its use and/or Google changing their applications such that support is no longer possible.
  2. Digital Ashes accepts absolutely no responsibility for any negative, unintended or unforeseen consequences as a result of manually installing the Action Launcher Google Plugin application.

With that said, of course every effort will be made to offer Now integration on an ongoing basis, but until Google provide an official means to use Google Now, its level of support cannot be fully guaranteed.

Thanks for your understanding, and happy swiping! 😃

To install Action Launcher:

To install Action Launcher Google Plugin, download the file via APKMirror or directly.