I've sold Link Bubble, TapPath and all related assets

Before releasing Link Bubble, I made a teaser post for the app in which I stated:

"I’m more proud of Link Bubble than anything I’ve done in my career".

This remains true today.

But what has become apparent to me since launching Link Bubble is that it will take a lot more resources and know-how than my indie company possesses to really take the app as far as it can go.

It is with this in mind, that I'm tremendously excited to announce that Link Bubble, Link Bubble Pro and TapPath have a new home.

The new owners of the apps are a US startup currently in stealth mode, so I'll let them introduce themselves on their own schedule. But you should trust me when I say that once the founders come to light, it will immediately be apparent why I, as the world's most enthusiastic Link Bubble user, am so excited about both this deal, and the implications for Link Bubble's future.

To celebrate this transition, today Link Bubble is receiving its largest update ever, with a material design overhaul, support for HTML drop down elements, colored toolbars, custom domain redirects, translations for 6 new languages and a wealth of bug fixes.

For existing users, this transition will be an entirely seamless experience. Your previous purchases of Link Bubble Pro and TapPath are still tied to your Google Account, and will continue to work as they always have. Users of the free Link Bubble app will receive updates via the Play Store as with any other app.

I'd like to thank each and every person who used, bought, sent feedback on, or had any interaction with Link Bubble during the past 18 months. I feel as confident as ever that Link Bubble planted a seedling for a better way to use the web on mobile devices, and I'm excited for us all to see this idea flourish in the years to come!