Podcast 30: 📰 iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and more with Ben Sandofsky

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Ben Sandofsky and I break down all the announcements of Apple's September 2016 event. We of course discuss all the new hardware, as well as give our thoughts on:

  • The loss of the headphone jack.
  • The disparity between the cameras in the two iPhone modes.
  • Apple's increasing trend of having features like AirPods, Portrait photo mode and Pencil miss launch windows.

And of course I get my bitch on about a new Apple Watch model that doesn't have an always on display.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @sandofsky.

15: 📚The state of traditional Android device manufacturers with Charles Arthur

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Influential journalist Charles Arthur joins me for a discussion on the lay of the land for Android's traditional OEMs. Inspired by Charles' Premium Android hits the wall post, we dig into the revenues and shipments of these Android devices, dig into why these devices are collectively seeing a declining market share, as well as Apple's position in the market and the potential future implications for premium Android devices.

This episode is brought to you by Action Launcher 3 for Android. Go on, leave me a review (I like the number 5).

14: 📰Apple's September '15 event with Ben Sandofsky

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Supreme iOS/Mac engineer and Apple aficionado Ben Sandofsky joins me to break down Apple's September 2015 event. We dig into all the details of the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV announcements, with detailed discussion on why the iPad Pro was even necessary, the Internet's reaction to the Apple Pencil, the types of games we may and may not see on Apple TV, our fears for 3D Touch and more.

We also give our initial impressions of what was the most unexpected and perhaps bigggest announcement, that of the iPhone Upgrade Program, as well as discussing iCloud's stingy data caps, the 16GB base model iPhone and whether Apple's vastly increased product count and increasinly long keynotes are a worrying sign for the company.

To close out the show, Ben gives some insight into his time as a technical advisor for HBO's Silicon Valley series.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @sandofsky

Force Touch expected on this year's iPhones

The changes in the iPhone models expected to be released later this year will be less noticeable than last year’s. The phones are expected to feature Apple’s Force Touch technology that can distinguish between a light tap and deep press, allowing users to control a device differently depending on how hard they push on the screen, according to people familiar with the matter. Apple has added this feature to the Apple Watch and MacBook laptop computer.

I can see merit with Force Touch when used with trackpad on a MacBook for certain applications. But I greatly dislike Force Touch on the Apple Watch in every interaction I've had with it, simply because I never know if engaging Force Touch will do anything. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. To me, Force Touch is bad for all the reasons Android's Menu was bad.

It almost feels like someone at Apple looked at the non-back lit Menu button on the Galaxy S3 and thought "what if we take this hidden interface mechanism that when triggered may or may not do anything and allow developers to do that everywhere?!".

Android ditched the Menu button for a reason, and app usability is undoubtedly better for it. If all Apple do is bring the Watch's Force Touch to the iPhone, I think there's a real risk this will simply lead to app mechanics becoming much more obfuscated and in turn interaction becoming much more complicated.

Clearly Apple think the value to be gained from adding Force Touch to their most popular product will outweigh any potential negatives. We'll see how it plays out.