Ep. 5: Action Launcher 3.5 with Jesse Wilson

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The tables are turned, as I become the topic of conversation, leaving my guest Jesse Wilson to drive and pose the questions during in-depth discussion about the recently released Action Launcher 3.5 update.

We of course dig into the nitty-gritty of this update, where I discuss my motivations for developing Action Launcher 3's new Quickbar feature, how much of a struggle this update was for me to develop and why, how the launch has been received and more.

Jesse also asks me what motivated me to start writing Action Launcher in the first place, we discuss details on features from Action Launcher 2 that haven't made it to Action Launcher 3, and I offer my perspective on Google Now as a launcher feature, and discuss whether I feel such support will ever come to Action Launcher.

Follow Jesse on Twitter: @jessewilson.