Apple desperately needs to split official apps from iOS updates

Owen Wilson:

It’s a crazy backwards policy to require entire point releases, like iOS 8.4 for Apple Music’s release, for adding or updating individual apps.

Such a system slows down progress from Apple until major changes are available, leaving users in the lurch for weeks or months longer than necessary for fairly trivial fixes.

App developers, like Medium and Slack, are able to throw bug fixes and quick tweaks out the door as soon as they have them. Users automatically get the latest, without even knowing it in many cases.

I've lost count of how many times I've mentioned this over the years. Apple's system of requiring a system update and in turn a device restart to fix even the slightest issue with any of their apps is just madness.

Wilson's entire piece is one of those "I agree with every word" articles for me, and I suggest reading the whole thing, but I'll leave with this:

Apple is seen to be moving too slowly with development of important bundled apps, like Maps, Podcasts and Music, because it simply can’t push entire system updates for such small content frequently without upsetting users.

App developers have the tools to rapidly iterate their creations, but Apple is suffocating its own products back by not ripping those apps out from the core of iOS and iterating faster.