Opportunity knocks

An excerpt of Rene Ritchie's admirably transparent response to the very real issue of the creepy and poorly performing ad networks that continue to plague the web:

Ad networks have not responded well to any of this. Hell, they still haven't fully responded to Retina and HiDPI displays, and those came out in 2011.

Maybe content blockers in Safari will help. You'd think the ad industry would be at the forefront of user experience, and that making gorgeous, high performance, highly engaging ads would boost conversion and ultimately income for everyone. Unfortunately, it seems like whatever math they're running shows bad ads perform well enough that making great ads isn't worth the extra effort.

Everyone hates the vast majority of today's web ads. Conversely, such ads remain the lifeblood for so much of the web.

Given the massive amounts of potential money involved, shouldn't there be a wave of startups trying to create a compelling ad service that doesn't suck? Maybe there are and I just don't know about them. Certainly I've not observed too many in my browsing experience. It's just a race to the bottom.