Action Launcher's 27.0 update arrives, bringing a weather widget, App Shortcuts enhancements and more


By popular demand, an inbuilt weather widget is now available.

Action Launcher's Android O style App Shortcuts and Notification Dots can now be colored to match either your wallpaper, or the color of the icon itself.

Action Launcher's custom search bar widgets, created via the inbuilt Quickbar editor, can now be placed anywhere on your home screen.

And rounding out the "by popular demand" enhancements, in addition to having the colors of items like your folders and All Apps drawer match your wallpaper, you can now adjust the transparency of these items via Action Launcher's Quicktheme settings.


And of course all these enhancements work seamslessly with Action Launcher's recent addition of Google Now integration.


The full change log for Action Launcher 27.0 is as follows:

• NEW: Weather widget (Alpha). Requires Android 6.0 or later.
• NEW: Adjust the color of the App Shortcuts panels via Quicktheme.
• NEW: App Shortcuts, Shutters and Covers can be tinted with the highlight color of the controlling icon via Quicktheme. Allows for Twitter's App Shortcuts panel to by light blue, WhatsApp's to be green, etc.
• NEW: Ability to adjust the transparency of the All Apps page, search box, folders, Shutters and more via Quicktheme.
• NEW: Quickbar (aka the custom Google Search bar) can be placed as a standalone widget anywhere on your layout.
• NEW: Revamped Quickbar icon picker, and the number of icons available for Quickbar customization has increased from ~200 to ~950.
• NEW: Option to disable widget padding (Settings -> Desktop -> Advanced -> Widget padding).
• IMPROVEMENT: Fixed a nasty memory leak related to the animated clock icon that was causing excessive battery drain and general performance issues.
• FIX: Misc. stability fixes.